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What Do You Do Next To Actually Get Your UBF Funded?

Get Your Funding Range Report

The first step is for us to do your “Funding Range Report”. This will show you how much we can fund right now. Maybe more important, it will also show what we can help you do to optimize your funding. We DO NOT charge anything for generating your funding range or a financial consultation once it is completed. We normally complete your funding range report within one business day.

To get your Funding Range Report, you need to go to and spend $1. This allows you to get all three credit reports and your FICO scores. This will not create any inquiries or impact your scores in any way. Sorry but we cannot accept substitutes, so please don’t send us Credit Karma or any other report. The reason for that is provides your three FICO scores which is what our lenders use, while other sites may make up their own scores.

When you access your three reports and scores you will “save them as a pdf”. You can do that by selecting the “print” option and then selecting the “save as pdf” option instead on send the file to your printer. Once you have your PDF file simply email the file to us and will we run your Funding Range report.

Sign Your Agreement

Once your Funding range report is completed, and if you are pre-qualified, you are sent electronic docs to sign agreeing to the funding process, terms, and conditions.

Complete Your Info Sheet

Once your agreement is signed you will enter processing for some information gathering. The Info Sheet is easy to complete, but you cannot enter funding until it is done. Once completed, you are sent to funding to begin the lender application process.

Get Funded in As Little As 3 to 4 Weeks Your funding will be in the form of revolving credit lines (credit cards) that you can use over and over again. There is no fixed term, no pre-payment penalties, and your credit lines come with at least 12 months of 0% interest. Your funding will be 100% unsecured. The 3 to 4 clock to complete your funding does not start until your Funding Range Report, Signed Agreement, and Completed Info Sheet Stages have been done.

Now take that first step. Go to and spend the $1 to get your up-to-date credit reports and FICO scores. Once you send those to us you are on your way to funding, so please get those over to us as soon as possible.