Service After The Successful UBF

Developing a successful business is not just about arranging for your first round of UBF or unsecured business funding. It is also about increasing your business knowledge and experience. A large part of that is preparing for and understanding where future financing opportunities will come from.

Through our experience of assisting thousands of small business owners, we have found that we can help business owners obtain financing over and over again, but only if they are willing to take the time to do the things they need to do after their successful UBF process.

1. Utilization of Credit Lines – with the UBF you will be borrowing at zero percent interest for at least 12 months. If you could get approved for an unsecured line of credit for $50,000 from your bank at 10% interest you would pay $5,000 in interest charges only in your first year. Compare that to $50,000 raised with the UBF at 0% interest. You will have saved $5,000 in interest payments in just the first year alone.

2. Liquidation of Credit Lines – In many cases the business owner needs a bulk of cash rather than just available credit lines. We have researched the techniques to liquidate the credit lines, at minimal costs, and to be able to have them available as cash in the general ledger business bank account.

3. Establishment of Comparable Credit – Ever hear someone say “banks only lend to those who don’t need the money”? So true. The reason for that is because banks know “who has the money”. It is called having comparable credit or in laymen’s terms it is having a large line of credit with a bank. We will show you how to get that done.

4. Minimize Future Interest – Once initial interest free periods expire, we will consult you on how to reallocate existing balances to new 0% interest percent credit lines. With this technique, interest savings can be realized into many years to come.

5. Credit Line Increases – Working with the credit analysts of your UBF lenders we will assist you in requesting credit line increases. The goal is to double your initial approval limits by the end of your first year.

6. Personal to Business – We will assist you in moving any personal credit card balances obtained during the UBF process to business credit cards. This is done through business credit limit increases and credit balance transfers.

7. Inquiry Management – Your personal credit files should be kept clean of all non-open/active credit inquiries. We will work with you to stay ready to apply for limit increases and/or new credit so that inquiry levels will not prevent future approvals.

8. Assist in Establishing Business Credit Files – Contrary to Dun and Bradstreet’s stance, no money needs be paid to a credit agency in order to develop a business credit score. The same is true with both Experian Business and Equifax Business credit scores and reports.

9. Assist in Obtaining Vendor Credit Lines – We will help you to obtain at least 5 vendors credit lines that report only to business credit reporting agencies.

10. Assist in Obtaining Business Credit Cards – Other than the UBF, we will also help you to obtain at least 3 business credit cards that report only to business credit agencies.

You will find that once you have built Business Credit Scores of 80 or above (it is like having 800 FICO scores) with all three business credit reporting and scoring agencies, lenders will begin to send your business unsolicited finance and credit offers. No longer will you have to look for funding, lenders will seek out your business to provide it.

We know that our UBF process is by far the best, fastest, and least expensive way to fund your business. We also know that our “Service After The UBF” is far above what any other financing company offers and that you and your business will be extremely happy with the outcome!